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Other Divisions


Book & Audiobook Publishing

Started our journey with book publishing in 2008. Power Publishers focused on new talented authors, giving them a launchpad. By 2012 we were publishing 300+ books in a year. In 2015 we launched our educational range of textbooks & guidebooks. We participated in the International Kolkata Book Fair and started producing audiobooks in 2017. 1800+ published books; 200+ produced audiobooks.


Comic Book Art

Our comic book & graphic novel art division started in 2011, putting together a team of talented comic book illustrators. Included storyboard art, character illustrations, comic book script writing, cover & poster design. Quickly this niche service got noticed and loved by comic book writers & publishers all over the world. Completed 600+ projects in 10 years.


Book writing & biography services

Even before our book publishing company, the founder Pinaki Ghosh had started as a writer, ghostwriting books for motivators. With increasing workload, a team of writers had to be formed which grew to 300+ writers, with 2,500+ completed writing projects. Alongside book ghostwriting, interview-based biography writing service is also our specialty.


Screenplay writing service

Specialized screenplay, film story & treatment, pitch deck, film editing services were started by the founder Pinaki Ghosh in 2011, setting up a team of Indian & American screenplay writers. They wrote 200+ screenplays over the years for leading film industries of America, Asia, Europe & Australia.