Movie Storyboard | Storyboard Artist | Storyboard Film | Storyboard Illustrator

Movie Storyboard | Storyboard Artist | Storyboard Film | Storyboard Illustrator

Seems like you have discover us in order to look for a freelance storyboard artist. Film-making starts from a visualization in the mind of the writer or director; and even producer. Hence, the visuals have to be converted to a screenplay and a movie storyboard. Are you an inde-filmmaker, or an established filmmaker? You will benefit from a well illustrated storyboard.

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What is a storyboard illustration?

A storyboard illustration is the sequential art. Our expert storyboard illustrator team will illustrate a screenplay in comic book style. A screenplay is wordy, with no scope for images. A storyboard is the visual, image form of the screenplay, showing the set, actors, camera angles, actions, etc. The visual image form helps the director, actors, art director, cinematographer understand their work better. Hire the best storyboard artist and make your screenplay more visual. A well planned production company will always think of hiring the best storyboard film artist. Sign a NDA and send your script to us.  We’ll make a professional storyboard art for you.

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INR 1200 plus 18% GST, or US$25 panel (b/w)

Work samples

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