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Short Film Production | Short Film Production Companies | Short Film Maker

If you have a story that can be adapted to a short film, but do not have a film crew of your own, we can help. Short film production is one of our forte. We have produced short films like Drishtika: I See You, The Headphone and The Can. PP Motion Pictures is among the leading short film production companies that can convert your story to a short film. In this arrangement, you provide the story and cost of making the film, we lend you our team and expertise. It is a collaborative effort between you and us.

The procedure

  • You provide us your story outline.
  • We give you a cost estimate. You have to arrange for the finances or cost of making it. If you have a budget, we can try to tweak the story to fit your budget by making some changes.
  • Once you make a part payment, we start the pre-production work, like screenplay writing, casting, location recce and location booking. We keep you updated about these.
  • We do the filming with actors at booked locations.
  • Next we proceed with the post production work, like film editing, sound editing, dubbing, music, foley sound, titling, trailer, posters etc.
  • We hand you over the completed short film after your last installment is paid.

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Please send your story to and ask for a quote to make the film.