Novel to film | Convert book to screenplay | Adapting novel to screenplay

Novel to film | Convert book to screenplay | Adapting novel to screenplay

If you are a novelist

Are you an author who has written a great novel? Probably hundreds of readers have read your novel and appreciated it. Furthermore, you want a much larger number of people to know about your story. You want your novel to turn your novel to film, right? The first step to adapt a novel to a film is to convert book to screenplay. So it is important that you choose an experienced screenplay writer with expertise of adapting novel to screenplay. While you have a screenplay ready, you can pitch it to production houses and studios.

If you are a producer or represent a production house

Are you a producer or employee of a production house that has purchased the rights of a novel? Then submit the novel and choose our novel to screenplay service. Whilst our expert screenplay writer will help convert book to screenplay. The screenplay will be complete with vivid visual references, strong characterisation, superb dialogues, conflicts and the best climax. The screenplay will contain all important plot points of your novel yet make unimportant portions concise or omitted.  Your 300+ pages novel can turn into a 120-page-screenplay keeping the true essence of the novel, and making changes to fit the budget of the film.

Who will convert your novel into screenplay?

We have a team of 8 experienced screenplay writers. Our founder Pinaki Ghosh is among the leading Indian script writers to handle your novel to screenplay adaptation. Pinaki Ghosh is a screenplay writer of 100+ Indian and American films and television shows. He has also authored 12 books. Pinaki has worked with media brands like BBC, National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network, ABP Ltd, etc. He has founded India’s leading book publishing company Power Publishers & film production company Power Publishers & Motion Pictures. Pinaki Ghosh has produced feature films like Sin Sister, short films like Drishtika. Pinaki is also a guest speaker at Amity University on the topic of publishing & media industry.

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