Corporate film | Corporate Film Production | Documentary production

Corporate film | Corporate Film Production | Documentary production

When your organisation has a proud history, it is a good idea to let the world know that. A good way to do that is to create a corporate film / video. Corporate film production is one of our specializations. We have created corporate films / videos that showcase the history, activities, infrastructure and internal processes of organisations. We have specialized directors and crew for such corporate documentary production, who can make it look interesting and grab eyeballs.

It is an art to show an organization’s work, history, infrastructure, verticals, internal processes in an interesting way. A corporate video can become boring or interesting, depending on the planning, scripting to execution.

We take care of all the processes. From writing the script, filming, editing, sound editing, music, effects, color grading and titling. As one of the leading┬ácorporate film makers in India, we talk to the client to understand the organization’s work first. Then we do a plan and flowchart to take it ahead. Our pre-production team writes a script. Then we shoot in locations indicated in the script. Finally the post production processes like editing, sound, music, titling wrap the work.

We are significantly less expensive than other documentary makers in India. Call us at 9830089375 / 9051117550 or mail us at to discuss your project and get a custom quote.

You can take a look at some of our works by clicking here.